Proof of Arbitrary

Zero Staking Required

Mobius Protocol

100% Throughput

NCC (Neuro Cluster Chain)

No Time Lapse between validations

Zero Knowledge Proof

Absolute Privacy



Government Scanner

The government stumbles in crypto regulation in other currencies.

We provide a backbone for regulating the crypto currency.

With this scan, the government can monitor their citizen's spending and gains.

So, that citizens can be taxed based on their capital gains.

Public Scanner

Unlike other cryptocurrencies deoni never reveal user's funds and transactions.

Transactions are kept private.

Users can only view their transactions.


Breakdown of our Token Recipients.

Release Date

14 Apr, 2022

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Token Contract : 0x4890dB59ba3bBC89a348DFaF2CDf55E040Ff576a


All you need is the plan, the roadmap, and courage to press on to your destination - Earl Nightingale


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Explore about Deoni

What is Deoni?

DEONI brings a revolutionary change in crypto currency by challenging the Proof of Stake, which involves huge amount of investment. The dependency on massive investment Proof of Stake prevents the circle of validators from expanding. With DEONI - PROOF OF ARBITRARY, there is no minimum amount required in order to become a validator, thus enlarging the circle of validators. The larger group of validators effectively reduces manipulation and collaboration among users, thereby making it more secure with 100% consensus when writing a block to the chain

1. Proof of Arbitrary

2. Resilient to 51% attack

3. 100% throughput

4. Government Compliance

5. No minimum stake for validators

6. Validation through Mobile, Tablets, Pcs

Deoni focuses on 2 major verticals

1. Decentralization to the fullest
Deoni believes Proof of stake restricts decentralization. Staking with huge investment narrows down the no of validators, and depending on the limited numbers, vulnerability and scalability will be an issue in the blockchain. As a result Deoni introduces Proof of Arbitrary which is fully randomized, scalable and non-vulnerable, empowering a fully decentralized system.

2. Rights to everyone
Restricting a blockchain with mere staking power does not accomplish full decentralization. Hence Deoni approaches a unique way by involving thousands of random validators for validation, as the validators are randomly selected with 100% throughput as a goal hence staking is not a mandatory factor for achieving a secure blockchain.

Proof of Arbitrary is a consensus mechanism in which validators and coordinators are selected randomly with customized verifiable random function. The Deoni blockchain uses a fully decentralized Mobius protocol that leverages Proof of Arbitrary (POA). This means it can achieving consensus without a centralized or staking authority, This protocol is very fast and requires minimal computational power per node, giving the ability to finalize transactions instantly and efficiently.

Narrative Proof of Stake Proof of Arbitrary
Decentralization Unproven at large scale Fully decentralized
Throughput 51% 100%
Consensus BFT Mobius
Vulnerability High - Validators are known Low - Validators are unknown
Staking Mandatory Not required
Validators Selected Numbers Scale to infinity
Transaction Finality 5 to 15 Block Instant
Energy efficient 20 kWh 0.03 kWh

Deoni does not use BFT which is vulnerable to 51% attack, rather it deploys POA leveraged with Mobius protocol to attain 100% throughput. For more detailed information kindly visit our protocol page.

Deoni believes in mass adaptation for a project to be successful. Deoni has a layer 2 solution over the programming language where even a non-developer can deploy a smart contract with visual scripting. (PICK AND PLACE - YOUR SMARK CONTRACT IS READY TO BE DEPLOYED)

We are working with our wallet and once it is developed we shall airdrop our test tokens TDEO for those who download our wallet.

Yes. Deoni mainly relay on light nodes for validating. Hence the users who participate in the testnet will be rewarded with DEO tokens which can be swapped 1:1 when we deploy mainnet.

We are planning to reach mainnet by Q2 2023

Deoni has two nodes, heavy and a light node. Heavy nodes need a basic server, pcs or a laptop and light node can be of mobile, tablets, raspberry pi or anything which is connected to the internet.

No. Staking is not mandatory for any nodes. Anyone can join as a validation or a coordination node even if they have 1 DEO.

Yes. Even though staking is not compulsory for validation, but if a user wishes to stake then the % of reward will be higher than a non staker. The validation reward is distributed based on the staking % of the total validators for the concerned block.

DEO token can be swapped in 1:1 ratio

Deoscan explorer is meant for the public users, Deoniscan explorer is meant for the government organization to track the records of the users.

No. Other citizen's data cannot be viewed by other government. Only the concerned government can view its citizen's data.

The crypto currency is rapidly changing so does the regulations. In recent times all centralized exchanges must submit their user data to the concerned government and now it has become a mandatory rule and without which the centralized exchanges will not be granted permission to continue their services. Here the user data is shared between the exchange and the government thus data breach is high in the hands of private exchanges.

No. Deoni focuses on full decentralization hence Deoni does not have rights to store any user information.

DEO tokens are presently listed in pancakeswap.finance

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