The world, as we know, is undergoing rapid transformation in technology, where analogue is being absolute and digital being the norm. This transformation also reflects in how we communicate with our outlay. The recent decade has seen a major adaptation in digital spending over the traditional form. More and more users are moving towards digital transactions finding it advantageous in the given spectrum.

With the spectrum increasing and our world coming closer, digital spending is swiftly spreading its wings across the globe, carving a persistent path towards block chain and crypto currencies. The users quickly adapt themselves to the newer technology whereas the government bodies stay back and are trying to reconcile themselves to the newer version of the technology. The word “Crypto currency” is now familiar among the public, while the government jolts and tries to regulate the digital asset in order to protect its sovereignty.


This is where DEONI creates a bridge between the newer adaption and old conformist governing body, at the same time safeguarding the interests of its users. DEONI block chain and its native currency DEO is the first ever crypto currency which can be regulated by the state or the government, while securing user privacy. Read on, to learn more about the workings of DEONI.

“DEONI firmly believes that the future growth of digital currency depends on working along with the Government.”

Government Compliance

Without compromising block chain's integrity and user privacy, DEONI block chain is structured in a way that the digital spending is transparent to the government and not to the public.

Each transaction and smart contract made by the users of DEONI can be accounted by the government with the help of a dedicated web services called www.deoniscan.world. To provide absolute privacy of the users, the web portal is designed so that transaction made by the citizens can only be surveyed by their own Government. With DEONI's secure transactions, the government can achieve legal compliance to monitor and track activities involving crypto currencies. Such access eliminates the dependencies on exchanges, for gathering relevant information in the world of digital currency. These in turn reduce Anti-Money Laundering in a country, promoting overall growth and improving national economy.

The Government can monitor activities of their citizens, through DEONI, in a very secure manner. The transparency factor combined with the secure transactions is the right step towards streamlining digital currency.

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