DEONI block chain implements a revolutionary concept called Neuro Cluster Chain, where all nodes can participate in validation without staking. The nodes can range from a normal mobile phone, Tablet, laptops, PC or a server.

A core advantage of DEONI's block chain is it is resilient to SYBIL and 51% attack. By adopting our innovative 2-layer protocol called Neuro Cluster Chain and MOBIUS, 100% throughput can be attained, and attacks can be overcome. Learn more about DEONI's block creation.


The Neuro Cluster Chain (NCC) works with the hash of previous block and pseudo randomly selects validators and coordinators. To create a block NCC generates one validator and a set of coordinators. These coordinators are chosen based on a formula where the protocol balances N number of transaction / active nodes and makes sure that the de centralization is kept at the optimum.

Once the Nodes are selected, the chosen validator picks up a cluster of transaction from the mempool and relay them to the elected coordinators. Both the validator and the coordinators validate the given transactions and communicate within themselves for a 100% through put. If the validation is 100% then the validator writes the current block and passes it to the coordinators for broadcasting. However, if the validation is less than 100%, then the MOBIUS protocol is activated.

The primary role of MOBIUS is to maintain decentralization to the fullest. If the current block is not satisfied with 100% consensus, then MOBIUS works with the hash of the elected coordinators, and regenerates additional coordinators and allocates the task of left out consensus. If the consensus is satisfied then MOBIS allows the Block to be created. If not, then this loop will continue till 100% through put is attained. Thus, DEONI's block chain is secured and eliminates the ever-growing concern of 51% attack.

Consequent to MOBIUS protocol, DEONI's block chain lags in speed. This is effectively and uniquely handled through NCC by adding buffer blocks one after another. The selected validators and coordinators of the buffer block will validate the remaining transactions from the mempool. Once the validation is 100% through, the buffer block adds the previous block hash and creates a valid block, which will be added to the chain. With this process, the speed-lag is surpassed.

DEONI with the unique combination of NCC and MOBIUS successfully prevents attacks and also achieves 100% throughput in the stipulated time

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